Song of the Day: August 3

August 3:  It’s my birthday and I want to let the music play… “Listen To The Music” written by Tom Johnston and performed by The Doobie Brothers.   LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

Long gone are the days when people ask me what I want for my birthday. (Maybe it’s because my answer is usually “World Peace”…or “whirled peas”, as my husband Peter likes to say.)
But this year, in keeping with my attempt to spread good karma through music to as many people as possible, my birthday request is more specific:
Please encourage one new person to subscribe to my e-mail newsletter.
This is a wholly philanthropic endeavor; no money has been spent by anyone except me, Peter and my mom (Thanks, Mom!) and zero profit has been made; I’m just itching to share my love of music with more people.

Thanks, in advance, for your kind gift. 🙂

Love & World Peace – Suzanne

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