Song of the Day: December 5

December 5:  I pray that these things never end… “Eli, Eli” a poem by Hannah Szenes sung by Sophie Milman.  Here’s another beautiful version by Ofir Ben Shitrit.  Thanks to Camp Pembroke and Hadassah Blocker for teaching me this gorgeous song back in the 1970’s; I’m so grateful to my Mom and Auntie Dee for inspiring me to attend and my Dad for agreeing! LYRICS & SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

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4 thoughts on “Song of the Day: December 5”

  1. Dear Suzanne,
    What a beautiful prayer this is…and the scenes only enhance the wonder of the words.
    I think what I’ve loved every day most is finding YOU in my inbox! What a privilege to know that I will be able to share your choice of a song for the day…be it beautiful, solemn or silly. Your choices reflect your joy of music and the fact that you share the songs brings us together in such a wonderful way. Music is truly a reflection of you and I find myself always having an inner smile and gratitude to be your friend. Then, I think of your students and how fortunate they are to be blessed by you. I’m not sure if it is ever a burden to think, “Oh dear, I need to go choose a song for the day”, or if it brings you the joy that starting a day with music brings to me! Thank you! Whatever you decide, I am grateful for this past year. love, Kaye

  2. I, for one, will have a hard time starting my day without singing your daily song to get me going. If you give it up I will have to think of some way to get out of bed . . . and that’s going to be difficult with the colder weather coming!
    Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me and many others!

  3. Sing Daily was recommended to me by my friend Bevinn. It is the first thing I look at every morning. It completely brightens my day! Please keep going!!!

  4. Yes, please keep posting! The songs you choose are varied and inspirational! It is a wonderful way to start each day!
    Thank you!

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