One thought on “Song of the Day: August 17”

  1. Hello Suzanne,

    I don’t usually send a response to your SING DAILY pages email.
    But I want you to know that the few little words you said on your post helped me thru the difficult feelings I was having this morning…considering the state of things in our world…even in our wonderful ‘protected’ town and community of Westport…
    You said: “…sing even if it feels hopeless…”

    Thanks, Suzanne, it helped! …and it helps! That’s what I call ‘an inspiration.’

    PS: when I went back to the notice of your post (to find the correct wording of what you had said), that phrase was NOT there anymore! 😵‍💫🤔…It was almost as if the now ‘disappeared’ phrase had been there just for me to see…hmmm…

    Herm. ❤️👍🏼👋🏼

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