My mission is to encourage you to sing at least one song every day and see if it changes your mood for the better (because studies have shown that the simple act of singing improves mental, emotional and physical health.)  I select recordings of songs by musicians ranging from Gershwin to Green Day, Marian Anderson to Maggie Rogers and email a link to a lyric video every morning to subscribers.  
What have you got to lose?

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“So while others miserably pledge themselves to the insatiable pursuit of ambition and brief power, I will be stretched out in the shade, singing.” 

We believe in

“Better Living Through Singing”

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About This Website (by Dan Woog @ 06880danwoog.com) 

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(How Did I Get Here??)

Our friend Lauren Tarshis encouraged Suzanne to start Sing Daily and called Suzanne a “Music Evangelist”; we think our friend Lauren might be a genius.

above sketched by a friend long ago 

photo by Larry Silver

“Four Young Children Singing” is a photograph (circa 1917) by Underwood Archives

Header illustrated by Nan Richards

*Thanks to Nancy Howland Walker for the quote.