A Song for Today: April 2021

April 1:  I don’t like to repeat, but some songs are too good to ignore:  “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  Happy birthday to Yani Oprea! xoxo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 2:  We’re giving love in a family dose… “We Are Family!” written by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers and performed by Sister Sledge.  Happy birthday to my incredible sister, Caroline.  I love you. xoxo LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

April 3:  Ever since I meet this man, my life is not the same… “Lobachevsky” by Tom Lehrer.  Happy Birthday (and lots of laughs) to my kind, smart, creative (and honest!) nephew, Jeremy Sherman. SONG HISTORY  SPOTIFY

April 4:  I’m betting everything I’ve got on you… “I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket” written by Irving Berlin for the 1936 film Follow the Fleet, where it was introduced by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  No lyric video today, but after you dance with Fred & Ginger, you should try to sing along with B.B. King and Diane Schuur (hi, GRP friends!) and Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  Happy Birthday to Emma Kramer Mobasser and Happy Easter to all who celebrate. LYRICS SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

April 5:  Don’t give up… “The Greatest” by Sia, Greg Kurstin, Blair MacKichan and Kendrick Lamar.  Happy Birthday to several of the greatest people I know: Pam Policastri (thx for the inspiration; I could listen to you sing this all day), Carli Aberle, Drew Kanter, Sharyn Taymor and the wonderful Barbara Balaban on her 80th (how can that be?)!! xoxoxoxo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 6:  You know you’re beautiful, sing!  (Grab your conch shell and sing along… )“Freckles” by Lawrence with Huntertones & Jon Bellion.  Watch this lyric video to sing along. Happy Birthday (and thanks to the fabulous song suggestion) to Emily Mikesell.  Happy day, also, to Sandra Van Beaver Resnick. xoxo  LYRICS   SPOTIFY

April 7:  A voice inside my head breaks the analogue… “Lazarus” by Porcupine Tree.  A belated happy birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion!) to Chris Strausser. LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

April 8: For now I let the spring and storm return… “The Wild Hunt” by The Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Matsson).  Lyric video made by Sing Daily! especially for Ted Aldrich on his birthday (thanks for the song suggestion!).  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

April 9: Lately this happy song, it came along… “Jennifer Juniper” by Donovan.  Happy Birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion) to Jen Kanter!  LIVE VERSION LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 10:  There will always be a place… “No Matter What You Do” performed by Badfinger written and sung by Pete Ham.  Happy Birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion) to our amazing son, Bennett and Happy Anniversary to Les & Big Er. xo  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

April 11:  Watch out, the world’s behind you… “Sunday Morning” by the Velvet Underground and Nico. The song was written by Lou Reed and John Cale and the album was produced by Andy WarholWatch a live video.  Happy Birthday to Maurice Acuna, Linda Clifford, Steve Forlano, and Fiona Garland! xo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 12: Where there’s love and affection…“Home” from The Wiz written by Charles Smalls and performed by Diana Ross.  Happy Birthday and thanks to Stacy Fowle for the song suggestion. xo LYRICS  SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

April 13: Everywhere I look around… “Love Is In The Air” sung by John Paul Young and written by George Young (no relation). LYRICS & CHORDS SONG HISTORY

April 14:  And deep inside a snowflake, I am floating quietly… “My Soul” by Peter Mayer.  Thanks to Ellen Hardy for the song idea.  I hope to be floating on almost 100″ of snow where I am today, even though it’s mostly green at home.   LYRICS SPOTIFY

April 15:  When my song is sung…“Did I Make A Difference?” by The Oak Ridge Boys.   Happy birthday to Gerry/Jerry “Dr. K” Kuroghlian who has made and continues to make a huge difference in the lives of others.   Please consider making a donation in honor of Dr. Kuroghlian and his wife Ellen to the Mercy Learning Center. LYRICS SPOTIFY

April 16:  And somewhere I swear I hear the strains of a song… “Dance With Me” by The Sweet Remains.  Thanks to Tom Kretsch for the song suggestion.  Video made by Sing Daily. LYRICS CHORDS SPOTIFY

April 17:  I will feel a glow just thinking of you… “The Way You Look Tonight” (if the YouTube video is blocked, try THIS LINK instead).  The song was written by Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields and performed here by Michael Bublé.   Happy Birthday to Dana Benfer White, whose husband Greg requested this video. (Let us know if you’d like Sing Daily to make a video for you!)  Happy birthday, also, to Susan Bornstein! LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 18: How we’re gonna do what’s best? “Once Upon A Time In The West” by Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits.  Happy Birthday to Greg White.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

April 19: I’ve got to learn from the greats… “Touched By The Sun” by Carly Simon.  Thanks to Anne Hadden for the song suggestion! LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

April 20:  You have found your song… “Take It Home” written by Wilton Felder & Will Jennings and performed by B. B. KingLYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 21: I won’t be blinded by the light… “Angel of the Morning” written by Chip Taylor and sung here by Juice Newton. Happy Administrative Assistants’ Day and THANK YOU to our GFS Angels of the Morning (and afternoon!), Donna Santorella & Shauna Flaherty!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 22:  The world is spinning from the human race… “Spinning World” by Tara Nevins & The Heartbeats Rhythm QuartetHappy Earth Day!  SPOTIFY

April 23:  Come hear the music play…  “Cabaret” sung by Liza Minnelli, music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb from the musical of the same name. Happy Birthday to Angela Borregine (thanks for the song suggestion) and Jay Schmalholz.  xoxo LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

April 24: Your eyes got me dreamin’… “Ebony Eyes” by Bob WelchOriginal Video LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 25:  See if I can get it straight… “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?” written by Louis Jordan and Billy Austin and sung here by Ira “Buck” Woods in the 1946 Tom & Jerry short Solid SerenadeHappy Birthday to Tom Borden & Lynnie Walder & Lauran Walder Epstein! xoxoxo  SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

April 26:  Day after day it reappears… “Overkill” by Colin Hay and performed by Men At Work. OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

April 27:  The only solution is a new evolution… “Fight For You” by H.E.R. This song won the Oscar for Best Song; it was featured in the movie Judas and the Black MessiahLYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

April 28: Makes the world go ’round…“The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis. It’s the birthday of one of my favorite people ever; I’m so glad she was born…  (though I wish we could go Back To The Future.) LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

April 29:  You will be my song…“You Will Be My Music” by Joe Raposo and performed here by Frank Sinatra.  Thanks to Richard Botton for the suggestion. LYRICS SPOTIFY

April 30:  Take me to the place where you go… Please don’t put your life in the hands of a Rock ‘n Roll band… “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Noel Gallagher and performed by Oasis.   LYRICS & SONGFACTS CHORDS  SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY