Kindergarten Music

In Kindergarten Music Class we sing, dance, play, create, listen, read and think about (analyze) music. 

We start every class with a WARM-UP.

We learn how to SING using our singing voices (instead of our shouting, whispering or speaking voices);

We learn to MATCH PITCH while singing (we practice listening to ourselves & others);

We learn to keep a STEADY BEAT (silently and loudly, while tapping, clapping, dancing, playing, moving and singing).

We also learn how to READ RHYTHMS: quarter notes (ta), paired eighth notes (ti-ti) and quarter rests (sh!) using Mrs. Propp’s favorite Heart Chart;

We PLAY rhythm patterns on pitched & unpitched percussion in the music room and at home using spoons, sticks or body parts (hands, knees, feet)

We LISTEN to music from different cultures.

We DANCE to music from different cultures.

Some of our favorite Kindergarten songs include: