Suzanne’s Videos

“Running Home” written by Suzanne Sherman Propp


“SPELL” written for Peter by me (recorded & produced by Larry Edoff)

“It Makes A Difference” Lyric Video:

“A, You’re Adorable” by Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise & Sidney Lippman

“The Patches Song” Lyrics Video:

“Where Is She?” The Story of Patches, the Green’s Farms School Mascot:

The Story of the “In Wonderful Westport” Song:

Music at Green’s Farms School:

“Kindness” Lyrics Video:

“Swing Low When The Saints Walk Along”

“My Grandfather’s Clock” written by Henry Clay Work/performed by SSPropp

“Perfect Children”:

“Apple Apple Yum Yum”

“Come Play With Me”

“Come Play With Me” Lyric Video

“The Green’s Farms School Song (Plant The Seed)”

Holding Hands

“Hanukkah” performed by the Fairfield County Children’s Choir 2017 under the direction of Jacqueline Sugrue

“GFS Rules!” School Rules Song 🙂