Get A Sing Daily! Magnet

In January of 2018,
I launched
and started posting a Song of the Day
because I wanted to encourage
friends and family to sing
at least once every day.

So far I’ve posted a Song of the Day for
1,185 days.

In 2019, I asked my friend,
the extraordinarily talented artist
Nan Richards,
to create a logo for SING DAILY!

In June of 2020,
Nan died of a sudden heart attack.

Earlier this year,
I asked the kind folks at Baker Graphics in Westport to help me make a SING DAILY! magnet so that Nan’s art could live on forever.

Are you wondering:
How do I get one of those magnets?

If you’ve already donated to SING DAILY!,
keep your eyes open for a magnet in the mail.

(If you don’t receive a magnet by May 1, 2021,
email me:

If you would like a MAGNET, 
please consider my request to

and support SING DAILY! for as little as $1 a month.
(My expenses include Web and Domain Hosting,  MailChimp and WordPress Plugins plus my time, which my dad would say is worth a lot – but since this is a happy little hobby, we don’t really count that.)

If you would like a MAGNET,
but don’t want to become a patron;

or don’t like to give your credit card over the internet,
send $10 (to cover the cost of printing and shipping)
7 Ambler Road
Westport, CT 06880

Whether or not you want a magnet,
I hope you’ll continue to SING DAILY!
and encourage others to do the same.

I take requests and I love birthdays,
so keep me posted on yours.