A Song for Today: July 2021

July 1: I will share the weight you carry… “Sanctuary” written by Jill Andrews, Gary Nicholson and Sarah Siskind and performed by Charles “Chip” Esten and Lennon and Maisy Stella on Nashville Happy Birthday to Catherine Lewis and thanks to Jeanie Bacharach for hosting an amazing visit to Nashville. xoxo  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

July 2:  Imprisoned by the way it could have been… “Feelin’ Alright” written by Dave Mason & sung here by Joe CockerHere’s footage of Dave Mason performing at Traffic’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.  Thanks to Angie Wormser for the song suggestion.  Happy Birthday to Amy Granoff Rohald & Tyra Fullam! LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

July 3:  The time has come… “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger and written by band member Kelly Keagy. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Repa Shea and Amybeth Cohen. Thanks to Russell for the song suggestion.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

July 4: They’re playing my song… You know we’re gonna be ok…“Party In The U.S.A.” sung by Miley Cyrus and written and produced by Dr. Luke, Jessie J and Claude KellyLYRICS & SONGFACTS SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY  CHORDS

July 5: I will wait for you… “Hackensack” by Fountains of WayneLYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

July 6: Put my record on and all your troubles will be gone…  “Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior.    LYRICS  SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

July 7:  A-leapin’ and hoppin’… “Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens.  Happy Birthday to Emily Borden & Alison Werner Cooper! xoxo  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

July 8:  You’re a melody from a symphony… “You’re The Top” written and sung by Cole Porter.  Richard Propp was born on this day in 1934 (the same year this song was written); he was definitely the top and we miss him. xo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY  

July 9:  It’s hard to explain the peace I find… “Revival” by Chely Wright.  Happy Birthday to Will Hardy.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY

July 10:  Gotta keep those lovin’ good vibrations a-happenin’ with her… “Good Vibrations” by Brian Wilson and sung by The Beach BoysLYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

July 11:  The heart of the art of the cooking… “Chili Con Carne” written by Anders Edenroth and sung by The Real Group.  Happy Birthday to Leslie and thanks for the song inspiration! xoxo LYRICS & SHEET MUSIC SPOTIFY   SingDaily Song #1288

July 12:  Show the way I feel… “Magnet & Steel” by Walter Egan with Stevie Nicks.  Happy Birthday to Walter Egan and his identical twin cousin Jim Honeycutt (and thanks for the great song suggestion)!  Happy Birthday, also, to the beautifully magnetic Emily Sisto. xoxo  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1289

July 13: No negativity in my life… “Good Vibes” by HRVY and MatomaLYRICS & CHORDS SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1290

July 14: I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down… “You Can Sleep While I Drive” by Melissa Etheridge and sung here by Trisha Yearwood. Happy Birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion) to my cousin Lori Raineri; Happy day, also, to M.J. McNamee! LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1291

July 15: Sing you a song that you feel…  I’d like for you to let me sing along… “Music To My Eyes” by Lady Gaga & Lukas Nelson and performed by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper from A Star Is Born.  Happy Birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion) to Kerri Kohlun. xoxo LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1292

July 16: Be what you care about… “Be Around” written and produced by Marshall Borden with lead vocals by Louisa Borden and back-up vocals by Tom Borden.  Mixing & mastering by Gus Perkins. From the album Bowling Green. Happy Birthday to Julie Borden and Morgan Morse! SingDaily Song #1293 SPOTIFY

July 17:  Yo, listen up…  “Blue (Ba Da Bee)” sung by Jeffrey Jey & Mauricio Lobaina. by Eiffel 65.  Thanks to Claudia, Michael & Mara for the song suggestion!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

July 18: Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head… “Summer In The City” by John Sebastian & The Lovin Spoonful.  Happy Birthday to Amy Jurkowitz, Lauren Addario & JB Rodgers LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

July 19: Find someone who loves you… “July” by Noah Cyrus with Leon Bridges.  Thanks to Lisa Weitzman for the song suggestion.  OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1296

July 20:  When they said “sit down” I stood up… “Growin’ Up” by Bruce Springsteen.  Happy Birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion) to Malinda Eichner Johnson (so glad we grew up together!). xoxo ON MTV UNPLUGGED LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1297

July 21:  Love for one another… “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” (1969) written by Bobby Scott and Bob Russell and sung by The Hollies.  Happy belated birthday to my brother’s wife’s brother Tim Lewis. xo LYRICS & SONGFACTS SONG HISTORY  SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1298

July 22:  I take the gospel whenever it’s possible (but with a grain of salt)… “It Ain’t Necessarily So” (1935) sung by Cab Calloway and his band from the musical Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin, with a libretto written by author DuBose Heyward and lyricist Ira GershwinLIVE PERFORMANCE  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY SingDaily Song #1299

July 23:  It’s hard to say the words… “Release” by Grace PotterLYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY First day of NFF 2021 and SingDaily Song #1300 – what are the odds? #numerology

July 24: They’re gonna get you every time… “Short People” (1977) by Randy NewmanLYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY Happy Birthday to Suzann Redding, Aleda Santos-Warren, Christine Theiss & Katherine Bruan!! SingDaily Song #1301

July 25: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a-livin’ day to day… “Love All Night, Work All Day” (2019) by YolaLYRICS CHORDS Day 3 of the Newport Folk Festival. Happy Birthday to Lisa Addario.  Sing Daily Song #1302

July 26: I can cast a spell… “I’m Every Woman” written by Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson and sung by Chaka Khan who showed up last night to surprise us all at the Newport Folk Festival.  Happy Birthday to two amazing women:  Molly Barreca and my mother-in-law Vera Winston Propp (we miss her every day).  LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

July 27: I’d ride off with you in a big balloon… “Changes” by Langhorne Slim.  Happy Birthday to my cousin Craig Sherman and our friend Susie Kincaid. Also, missing my grandmother Rose Klayman who was born on this day in 1911.  OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

July 28:  I did what I could… “When I First Came To This Land” translated by Oscar Brand in 1957 from a Pennsylvania Dutch song.  Sung here by Pete Seeger in honor of the final day of the 2021 Newport Folk Festival. Lyric video made with love by Sing Daily for Julie Lyon Borden; thank you for the song suggestion (I’m so glad that Pro & Mary got married on this day and had you)!  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

July 29:  You are the angel glow that lights a star… “All The Things You Are” by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II and sung here by Frank Sinatra.  In honor of one of my favorite people ever: Jackie Weisburger.  Happy Birthday to Alison Fisher & Amy Laurino. xo LYRICS & CHORDS SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

July 30:  I guess I’m already there… “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” by David Byrne & Talking Heads.  Thanks to Molly Barreca for the song suggestion.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

July 31: Don’t hide from me… “It Was A Sin” by The Revivalists.    LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY