A Song For Today: FEBRUARY 2018

February 1:  It’s a mash-up: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot & Oh, When The Saints” sung by me. LYRICS  SPOTIFY

February 2:  “I Got You Babe” sung by Sonny & Cher and written by Sonny on a piece of cardboardLYRICS  SPOTIFY  And, yes, it’s Groundhog Day.

February 3:  “Count On Me” performed by Bruno Mars & written  by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence & Ari Levine.  LYRICS SPOTIFY “You can count on me, like 1-2-3, I’ll be there…” HBD, DMW! 55 looks good on you…. (and happy half-birthday to me and Jini Bernstein).

February 4: “Edelweiss” from “The Sound of Music” by Rodgers & Hammerstein.  With love & comfort for SSA and all.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 5: “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” by Stevie Wonder. LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 6: “Walk Away Renee” written by Michael Browne, Bob Calilli and Tony Sansone. First recorded in 1966 by The Left Banke 1966, and The Four Tops in 1968.  Rickie Lee Jones’ version is my personal favorite.  Thanks, Melissa Balaban, for introducing me to Rickie Lee Jones.  ILY.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 7:   “Falling In & Out of Love/Amie” by Pure Prairie League.  LYRICS  & GUITAR CHORDS  *  SPOTIFY Happy Birthday and thanks for the suggestion to Amy Shocker (yay, Camp Pembroke)! And a special shout-out to Ann Wriedt Sisto; great minds think alike….

February 8: We may not all make it to the Olympics, but we should all PLAY something every day!  “Come Play With Me” by me.     SPOTIFY

February 9:  oh, no, let’s go….I know you’ll want to sing along to this one, but watch this video first:  “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince, in honor of the Winter Olympics. And, of course, in honor of Prince himself, the official “Let’s Go Crazy” music video. Play a little air guitar while you’re at it.   LYRICS  SPOTIFY

February 10: “Route 66” by Bob Troup and performed here by Nat King Cole and the King Cole Trio.  LYRICS SPOTIFY   Fun Fact: This song has been covered dozens of times in all music styles. It was written and originally performed by Bobby Troup, a singer and pianist who was married to the actress Julie London.  Both appeared as regular cast members of the TV show Emergency.  Another Fun Fact:  My brother, Alex Sherman, sings this song beautifully.  Listen as you watch his birthday video from last year.  He turns 51 tomorrow, so, if you know him, be sure to wish him all the best (and tell him that his sister loves him). 🙂

February 11: “Rocky Raccoon” by Paul McCartney & John Lennon  LYRICS SPOTIFY Happy Birthday, Alex Sherman.  I love you!   (Dad:  I found this version of the song for you; I think it will give you almost as much joy as Alex has brought you these past 51 years.)

February 12: “Manic Monday” by The Bangles.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 13: “I’m Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover” because it’s a super fun sing-along (and my dad asked for it).  LYRICS,  SPOTIFY,  CHORDS

February 14: You are adorable and beautiful and a cutie full of charms.  “A You’re Adorable” by Buddy Wise, Fred Wise & Sidney Lippman and sung by me.  SPOTIFY LYRICS

February 15: “I Got Rhythm” written by George & Ira Gershwin and sung here by Gene Kelly in “An American In Paris“.  ‘S Wonderful, isn’t it?  LYRICS  SPOTIFY

February 16: “It’s So Easy” written by Buddy Holly and Norman Petty and sung here by Linda Ronstadt. LYRICS  SPOTIFY CHORDS

February 17:  “S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!” by Bay City Rollers. LYRICS SPOTIFY (Be sure to warm-up your voice for this one!)

February 18: “Turn, Turn, Turn”.  Lyrics from the book of Ecclesiastes, adaptation and music by Pete Seeger; performed here by Judy Collins & Pete Seeger.  Here’s a lyric video with music by The Byrds. LYRICS  SPOTIFY 

February 19:  You betta lava me now or lava me not!  “Volcano” by Jimmy Buffett.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY Check out the geology! ADULTS: do NOT let kids go on YouTube by themselves.  I can not control which videos come up next and Jimmy can’t be trusted.

February 20: “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody GuthrieLYRICS  SPOTIFY Wake up, people: this land was made for you and me.  And, if you ever have a chance to go see Woody’s son Arlo Guthrie live, run, don’t walk to buy your tickets.

February 21: Money can’t buy us happiness. “Price Tag” by Jessie J.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 22: Here’s an easy sing-along (just sing “abba dabba”): “Abba Dabba Honeymoon” written by Arthur Fields & Walter Donovan and sung here by Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter from “Two Weeks With Love”.  My favorite part of the video (and song) is 1:35, though the tap dancing is great, too!  LYRICS SPOTIFY 

February 23: The life I love is making music with my friends.  “On The Road Again” by Willie Nelson LYRICS SPOTIFY  Drive carefully, SG et al.

February 24: “Another Saturday Night” by Sam Cooke.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 25: “Something Just Like This” by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay.  HB, LO (and thanks for the suggestion)!  And a special shout-out to Coldplay fan Isabella Robaina; you are one hip chick.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 26: “Bang The Drum All Day” by Todd Rundgren.  Can’t believe how lucky I am to (a) love my job AND (b) be able to bang the drum all day.  May you all find such satisfaction today and every day.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 27: “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” a traditional spiritual sung here by one of my heroes, Marian Anderson, whose birthday is today.  Marian was talented, brave, perseverant and resilient. And generous, to wit: when she was 75 years old, she accepted Realand Uddyback’s invitation to come to Westport to watch a play about Marian Anderson’s life performed by 3rd graders. Her presence at Bedford El impacted many of those 3rd graders’ lives forever. LYRICS SPOTIFY

February 28: “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by Don Raye and Hughie Prince performed famously by The Andrews Sisters.  Here is a LYRIC VIDEO so that you can sing along.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY.  Follow singdaily.com on Spotify.