A Song For Today: APRIL 2018

April 1:  Why does the rain fall from up above?  “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?” written & performed by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers in 1956.  Here’s a live recording, too.  LYRICS   SPOTIFY

April 2: Beams of warm light fly from patient eyes… “Finding Caroline” written by Dave Slomin and performed by “Mr. Henry”  SPOTIFY Happy Birthday to my wonderful, patient, kind and funny sister, Caroline. We all need a saint sometimes…

April 3: “Superman’s Song” in honor of my strong and kind nephew Jeremy; the world is lucky to have him.  Song written by Brad Roberts and performed by the Crash Test DummiesSPOTIFY  LYRICS HB, JDog!

April 4: Listen to the music and let your body flow… “Boogie Oogie Oogie” written by Janice Marie Johnson & Perry Kibble and performed by A Taste of Honey.  SPOTIFY LYRICS

April 5: “Don’t Rain on My Parade” written by Bob Merrill and Jule Styne from the musical “Funny Girl” (a little Barbra Streisand  for our favorite Barbara Balaban on her b-day).  Here’s a lyric video so that you can sing along with the famous Babs.  LYRICS SPOTIFY  We love you, BHB!

April 6:  She sings like a bird released (Emma, this one’s for you): “Weather With You” written by Neil & Tim Finn and sung by Crowded HouseSPOTIFY  LYRICS

April 7:  Gotta get out, get me some of those rays… it’s a “Sunshine Day” sung by, well, I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.  Written by Steve McCarthy.  SONG HISTORY  SPOTIFY (P.S. I know your birthday was yesterday, Emily Mikesell, and I did post a song for you, but I will think of you and your Swinging ‘Gates audition every time I hear this one!)

April 8:  I remember when we were driving in your car… “Fast Car” written and performed by Tracy Chapman.  LYRICS   SPOTIFY

April 9: “Stars Fell On Alabama” written by Frank Perkins & Mitchell Parish and performed live by Jimmy Buffett. Happy Birthday to my Birmingham ‘Bama Bestie!  Parrotheads rock! LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 10: Today is a very special day for us and even though we couldn’t possibly sum up our happiness in one song, it is thrilling to know that the birthday boy, Bennett Propp, likes to sing this one:  “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” written by Bob Dylan and performed here by Peter, Paul & Mary.  21. Wow.  Be careful out there and, of course, have fun. We love you.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 11:  It’s the 100th Song of the Day!  What?!  “Brand New Key” written by Melanie and sung by me.  Video by Grace Hartrick. SPOTIFY

April 12:  I’m your biggest fan… “California” written and performed by Joni Mitchell.  Buon Compleanno to SJF; you are definitely one of the folks I dig the most.   LYRICS, GUITAR CHORDS & SPOTIFY

April 13: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.  Happy Birthday to Caroline Rhea;  thank you for making me laugh every time I see a box of Pop Tarts.  LYRICS , GUITAR CHORDS & SPOTIFY

April 14:  Turn me up when you feel low… “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine.  LYRICS , GUITAR CHORDS & SPOTIFY

April 15:  Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul – Henry Ward Beecher. Today’s song is “Sakura“, a Japanese song about the Cherry Blossom trees.  It is performed here by the Thai-Japanese Friendship Chorus.  This song is on the NAfME list of songs that all Americans should know.  Check out this instrumental version performed on a Koto and this version of kids singing in harmony accompanied by a celeste (arranged by Christopher Matthews).  Which is your favorite? LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 16: Be thankful I don’t take it all… “Taxman” written & performed by George Harrison and performed here with Eric Clapton. LYRICS & SONG FACTS, GUITAR CHORDS and SPOTIFY

April 17:  Once you tell someone the way that you feel, you can feel it beginning to ease… “Shower The People” written by James Taylor and sung by Choir! Choir! Choir! (These guys make it easy to Sing Daily!  We had a chance to sing with them last summer at the Newport Folk Festival and it was a fabulous experience.) Today’s song is in honor of one of Camp Pembroke’s coolest ladies ever: HB to Susan Bornstein. Here is a LYRIC VIDEO if you want to sing along with JT.   LYRICS, GUITAR CHORDS & SPOTIFY

April 18:  It won’t be long before another day… “You Can Close Your Eyes” written & performed by JT*.  Have a good time on your birthday,  Gr-dairy product Country-is Color.    SPOTIFY, LYRICS & GUITAR CHORDS  *Two JT songs in a row?!  That’s what happens when you ask friends of a certain age for their favorite songs!

April 19:  What more can we do? “The Village Green Preservation Society” written by Ray Davies and The Kinks.   Happy Belated Birthday to Dana Benfer White;  I appreciate all you do to visit and preserve societies all over the world.   LYRICS & SONGFACTS, GUITAR CHORDS & SPOTIFY

April 20: ” … open up your mouth and start to say, oh… Chickery-Chick” written by Sid Lippman & Sylvia Dee and performed by Sammy Kaye, Nancy Norman & Billy Williams.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 21:  Don’t give us none of your aggravation….”Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” by Elton John & Bernie Taupin.   LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 22:  “You’re a garden, you’re a harbor, you’re a holy place…”  “This Pretty Planet” by Tom Chapin & John Forster, sung by Tom Chapin & Judy Collins & kids.  LYRICS SPOTIFY  Happy Earth Day To All Of Us!

April 23:  “If I knew the way I would take you home…” “Ripple” written by Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter performed here by Playing For Change.   Happy Birthday to one of our family favorites, Jay Schmalholz.  Also, a special shout out to Sarah Guterman.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 24:  It’s been one month since the March For Our Lives, so sing this one today: “Found/Tonight“, which is a mash-up of “The Story of Tonight” from “Hamilton” written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and “You Will Be Found” from “Dear Evan Hansen” written by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul (our hometown hero). LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 25:  “I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends…”  Today is “Administrative Professionals Day” and we, at Green’s Farms School in Westport, CT have the two best school secretaries on the planet: Donna Santorella & Jackie Dogali.  THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO; we could never get by without all of the help from you.  LYRICS  SPOTIFY (Plus a special shout-out to the Walder twins and Tom Borden on their birthdays!)

April 26: “Without your love I won’t make it through…”
Train In Vain” by The Clash.   LYRICS  SPOTIFY  Thanks for the suggestion, BP!

April 27:  “The Water Is Wide” sung here by Karla Bonoff, one of my favorite songwriters.  LYRICS  & SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

April 28: “If I were the king of the world, I tell you what I’d do…” “JOY TO THE WORLD” written by Hoyt Axton and performed here by Three Dog Night (and suggested by former WTRY DJ Uncle Donny Sherman) LYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 29: I see my light come shining…“I Shall Be Released” written by Bob Dylan and sung here by Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass & Mary TraversLYRICS  SPOTIFY

April 30:  “All the stars in the sky shine for thee…” Yesterday, we attended the 105th birthday party of Lulu “Nonnie” Bonito.  I asked her for a favorite song and she told me her mother used to sing this one to her: “We’ Maria (Oh, Marie)” written by Harold Barlow, Edoardo (dp) Di Capua & Ferdinando Russo and sung here by Dean Martin. Happy Birthday, Nonnie.  You are an inspiration…. LYRICS  SPOTIFY