A Song for Today: December 2019

December 1:  The time is now… “Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On” performed by Jimmy Buffett and written by Buffett and Matt Betton.  No lyric video today but try to sing along anyway.  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

December 2:  I should give myself way more love… “Workin’ On It” by Meghan Trainor (with Lennon Stella & Sasha Sloan).  Thanks to my beautiful sister-in-law Lisa for the suggestion.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

December 3:  You take the high road and I’ll take the low road… “Loch Lomond“, a traditional Scottish song performed here by Runrig featuring the Tartan Army.  Happy, happy birthday to Kim Dean;  Co-là-breith math! xo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 4:  Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares… “Downtown” written by Tony Hatch and sung by Petula ClarkLYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY (Shop Local!)

December 5:  I would teach my feet to fly… “River” by Joni MitchellLYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

December 6:   With a soda on the side… “Chicken Noodle Soup” performed here by J-Hope & Becky G (written by Bianca Bonnie, a.k.a. Young B and Troy Ryan, a.k.a. DJ Webstar in 2006).  Thanks to DJ of the Week Hunter for introducing me to this song.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 7:  After the rain, look up for the rainbow… “La Di Da Di Da” by Nikki Jean (written by Nikki JeanLuigi CreatoreDave Katz, and producer Sam Hollander).  Happy Birthday to Jenny Roberts McKenna!  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY 

December 8: You guide me constantly… “In Loving Memory” performed by Alter Bridge and written by guitarist Mark Tremonti.  Thank you to Miguel Valentin for the song suggestion.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 9:  I want to love you so bad… “Got My Mojo Working” by Preston “Red” Foster and sung here by Muddy Waters (check him out in 1960 in Newport).   LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 10: To thine own self be true… “You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone” by Lori McKenna. For my dear friend Lee Norman; I am so proud of you.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

December 11:  The calliope crashed to the ground…  “Blinded By The Light” written by Bruce Springsteen and performed by Manfred Mann.   Happy Birthday, Brother Gene; Brother Pete thought you wouldn’t hate this song.   LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY 

December 12:  I am my inspiration… “WATER ME” by Lizzo.  Thanks for the inspiration to birthday girl Sadie! (Check out the official “Water Me” video.)  Happy Birthday, also, to Brother Jim from me and Brother Pete.  LYRICS SPOTIFY

December 13:  Move mountains… “Rise Up” by Andra Day.  Happy birthday to Chris Chieppo; thanks for the song suggestion! SONG HISTORY LYRICS & CHORDS SPOTIFY

December 14:  The peaceful quiet you create for me… “Easy Silence” by The Dixie Chicks.  Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend Cindy; love you so much.  LYRICS & CHORDS SPOTIFY

December 15:  It’s a wonder tall trees ain’t layin’ down…  “Comes A Time” by Neil Young (and sung by Neil Young and Nicolette Larson). LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

December 16:  Where there is a fire there is gonna be a flame… “TRY” by Pink.  Happy Birthday to Amanda Horowitz!  LYRICS & CHORDS  SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 17:  It’s not just sentimental… “TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS” written by Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly and Harry M. Woods and sung by Otis ReddingLYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 18:  We make it harder than it has to be…  “I CAN’T TELL YOU WHY” by the Eagles (written by Timothy B. Schmit, Don Henley & Glenn Frey).  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 19:  The sun will shine by day and all the stars at night… “Mele Kalikimaka” by Robert Alex Anderson in 1949.  Many have sung it but the GFS Chorus likes Cynthia Lin‘s version.  (Good luck today & tonight, GFS Chorus & 4th Grade Orchestra!)  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 20:  Whatever you need anytime of the day or night… “THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND” by Andrew Gold.  There is no way to fully thank my mom for teaching me how to be a good friend; I’m forever grateful… Happy 80th birthday to my mom, Ruthie Sherman (and happy day to Anne Leonard Hardy, another fabulous friend).  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 21:   With my arms open wide… “Cold Cold Cold” by Cage The Elephant.  Thanks to Drew Kanter for the suggestion, but what do you ‘bamans know about the cold??! 🙂 LYRICS & SONGFACTS   SPOTIFY

December 22:   Spend a moment with the lights, step a moment back in time…  “Hanukkah” written and performed by me.   (Here’s a slightly different version of the song which was published by Hal Leonard:  “Hanukkah” sung by the Fairfield County Children’s Choir Concert Choir under the direction of Jacqueline Sugrue. ) Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah; Chag Sameach!

December 23: Deer might fly, why not? I met you… “All That I Want” by The WeepiesLYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

December 24:  Make sure that all your dreams are sweet… “Travelin’ Prayer” by Billy Joel. Thanks to Alex for the suggestion.  Travel safely, all.  xo  SONG HISTORY  LYRICS & CHORDS SPOTIFY

December 25:   Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes… “My Favorite Things” by Rodgers & Hammerstein and sung by Julie Andrews.  May your day be filled with all of your favorite things.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 26:   It’s the season… “Let Your Love Flow” written by Larry E. Williams and recorded by The Bellamy BrothersLYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 27:  A strange inner peace… “All Kinds of Time” by Fountains of WayneLYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

December 28:  I thank the lord there are people out there like you… “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” by Elton John (written with Bernie Taupin).  Thanks to Andrew at the Sugarbush parking area for the song suggestion!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 29:  I am found where I was lost… “ANGEL CITY” by Rhiannon GiddensLYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

December 30:  When you need a smile to help the shadows drift away… “Who Loves You?” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons (written by Bob Gaudio & Judy Parker).  Happy Birthday to Sandy Sullivan! xo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

December 31:   Just in case I stand one little chance… “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” written by Frank Loesser and sung by Harry Connick, Jr. Happy Birthday to my wonderful niece, Ariana Sherman (you should hear Papa sing this one!). 🙂  SONGFACTS LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY