A Song for Today: September 2020

September 1: You’re the key to my heart…  “Nobody’s Love” by Adam Levine & Maroon 5LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 2: Travel to eternity… “Doctor, Doctor” by Thompson TwinsOFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY (Check out https://letsgetsciencey.com/famous-female-doctors/ for info about the Doctors in the photo.)

September 3:  You can fly away… “Yellow Bird” by Norman Luboff and sung here by The Mills Brothers.  Happy belated birthday (and thanks for the song suggestion) to Bevinn Romaine Murphy!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 4:  It’s a song about love between my brothers and my sisters all over this land…  “If I Had A Hammer” written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays and sung here by Peter, Paul & Mary. Happy birthday and thx for the song suggestion to the wonderful Kaye May!  (For an added treat, listen to Christopher Bill’s a cappella version in a car which was the Song of the Day for July 10, 2018).   LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 5:  I don’t think that I can take it, ’cause it took so long to bake it… “MacArthur Park” written by Jimmy Webb and sung here by Donna Summer.  Happy Birthday to Donna Santorella (thanks for the song suggestion) and to Jackie Weisburger. xoxo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 6:  My heart thought you could break this jinx for me… “Everything Happens To Me” written by Tom Adair (lyricist) and Matt Dennis (composer/singer).  There are many Sing Daily birthdays today; this song was suggested by birthday girl, Ann LeSchander. Happy Birthday, also, to Darcy Hicks, Tracy Loughlin, Barbara Maisonpierre, Eric Seidman and Julie Stradling. LYRICS & CHORDS SONG HISTORY  SPOTIFY

September 7: Sing a little bit… “Working Man Blues” by Merle Haggard.  Happy Labor Day to all who labor.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  CHORDS SPOTIFY

September 8:  No problem, no worries… “Jambo” by Ziggy Marley and Angélique Kidjo Today is the first day of school for Westport kids and we can’t wait to say hello; we’ve missed you and look forward to a year of happy learning!  Happy Birthday to Karen Mutter & Gayla Dean!  LEARN TO PLAY THE SONG WITH ZIGGY!  SPOTIFY

September 9:  No need to talk about it…  “Third Rate Romance” by Russell Smith and performed by The Amazing Rhythm Aces.   Thanks to Ann Humphrey for the song suggestion! LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

September 10:  Gotta make it through the tunnel… “Meeting Across The River” by Bruce Springsteen.  Thanks to Eric Seidman for the wonderful song suggestion.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 11:  Where are you when the sun goes down… “So Far Away” performed by Mark Knopfler and Emmy Lou Harris for my dear friend Donald Sisto.  Thanks to Ann, Sam & Emily for the suggestion; he loved you more than anything (though Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits ran a close second).  Here’s a LYRIC VIDEO if you want to sing along.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 12:  No adjectives for your awesomeness… “All I Need Is You” by Lecrae.  Happy Birthday to Amanda Moitoso and Clare Donnelly.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 13:  Let me hear you say everything’s ok… “Romeo’s Tune” by Steve Forbert and performed here by Keith Urban. Happy Birthday to Adam Becker and Lindsey Plexico!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY 

September 14:  His fate is still unlearned..  “The MTA Song”  a 1949 song by Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes and performed by The Kingston Trio.  Happy Birthday to Charlie Bacharach (and thanks to Nan for the suggestion)!  (For those of you paying attention, this song was the SOTD on April 25, 2019, but sometimes a song is so nice it must be featured twice! 🙂  LYRICS & CHORDS   SONG HISTORY  SPOTIFY

September 15:  I see your face in every flower… “The Very Thought of You” written by Ray Noble and performed by Ella Fitzgerald.    My grandparents were married on this day in 1935; I’m so glad they said “yes” and I wonder if they danced to this song at their wedding?  Happy Birthday to Chris Breyan!  LYRICS & CHORDS SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

September 16:  Let the wind blow through me… “Walking On Broken Glass” by Annie LennoxOFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 17:  I believe in the power of love… “Flower” by Amos Lee.  Thanks for the song suggestion to Lindsey Plexico.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 18:  Dream a little dream… “Halley Came To Jackson” by Mary-Chapin Carpenter.  Happy Birthday to Cari Pfeiffer.   FACEBOOK PERFORMANCE  LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

September 19:  Spend all your love making time… “Take It To The Limit”  by the Eagles. Happy Birthday to Bill Derry!  #RIPRBG LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 20:  Laughing at love and fate… “Minnie, dalla mia casa” from La fanciulla del West  (The Girl of the West) an opera by Giacomo Puccini to a libretto by Guelfo Civinini and Carlo Zangarini based on the 1905 play The Girl of the Golden West by David Belasco. The aria is sung here by Claudio Sgura.  Minnie was Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s favorite opera character (as per OperaNews.com): “No victim she, Minnie fends for herself, keeps the miners in tow and saves her man.”  SPOTIFY

September 21:  What else is there to do… “Let Me Sing For You” by Maggie Wheeler and sung here by the Westport Elementary Music Teachers:  Mrs. Maisonpierre (CES), Mrs. Propp (GFS),  Mrs. Laurino (KHS), Mrs. Sugrue-Tait (LLS), Mrs. Kohlun (SES) and Mrs. Cooney (CES/GFS/KHS/LLS).  LYRICS SPOTIFY

September 22:  You’re doing fine… “Vienna” by Billy Joel.  Another shout out to Westport music teachers, this time to birthday girl Betsy Tucker, the beloved Long Lots String Teacher who retired in June and is now teaching music in Vienna!  We miss her so much but we know that she’ll knock it out of the park wherever she goes.  Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!  Die kinder haben das Gluck, Wie als Lehrer zu haben!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 23:  I’m not a fool to hurt myself… “54-46 Was My Number” by Toots and the Maytals.  RIP Frederick Nathaniel “Toots” Hibbert who died 9/11/20; thank you for the music… LYRICS & CHORDS  SONG HISTORY SPOTIFY

September 24:  I can’t see clearly when you’re gone… “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd (a.k.a. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye).   Happy Birthday to Nicole Moeller and Alexa Ehl (and thanks for the song suggestion to both Nicole and Eden Rossman)!  LYRICS & SONGFACTS SPOTIFY

September 25:  It hurts so bad to let go of your hand…  “Wherever Is Your Heart” by Brandi Carlile.  Happy Birthday to Mary Gardner. xo LYRICS & CHORDS SPOTIFY

September 26:  You can have your own set of wings… “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from Mary Poppins by Robert B. and Richard M. Sherman Miguel: I hope you get to fly a kite today! (And thanks to Nicole for the song suggestion!) LYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY

September 27:  Love you forever and forever… “I Will” written by Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles.  You know who you are… xoxoxo LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 28: Let my sinful days be left behind… “Forgive Me Lord and Try Me One More Time” by Thomas A. “Georgia Tom” Dorsey and sung by Sister Rosetta TharpeSPOTIFY

September 29:  Hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land… “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” sung by The New Seekers.  This song originated as the jingle “Buy the World a Coke” in the groundbreaking 1971 “Hilltop” television commercial for Coca-Cola and sung by The Hillside Singers.  It was written by Bill Backer, Billy Davis, Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway.  Thanks for the suggestion and Happy Belated Birthday to Susan Kolodkin and Happy Birthday today to Michelle DeCarlo and Cameryn Robinson, two of the finest teachers I know.  LYRICS & SONGFACTS  SPOTIFY

September 30: Puts a smile on my face… “Last Days of September” by Henrik Nagy & Giant Ember featuring Frida WallinLYRICS & CHORDS  SPOTIFY