2nd Grade Music

This is a work-in-progress; thanks for your patience!

In 2nd Grade Music Class we review everything we learned in Kindergarten & 1st Grade Music.  We sing, dance, play, create, listen, read and think about (analyze) music. 

We start every class with a WARM-UP.

We use our SINGING voices (instead of our shouting, whispering or speaking voices);

We continue to practice MATCHING PITCH while singing (we practice listening to ourselves & others);

We continue to practice keeping a STEADY BEAT (silently and loudly, while tapping, clapping, dancing, playing, moving and singing).

We practice READING RHYTHMS: quarter notes (ta), paired eighth notes (ti-ti) and quarter rests (sh!) and we learn half notes (too-oo).

We PLAY rhythm patterns on pitched & unpitched percussion in the music room and at home using spoons, sticks or body parts (hands, knees, feet)

We LISTEN to music from different cultures.

We DANCE to music from different cultures.

We learn about the Music of the Underground Railroad, Civil Rights Movement and Making a Difference, plus the music of Japan.  In the past we have also studied music that relates to different communities:  suburbs, cities & country.

Some of our favorite 2nd Grade songs include:

  • “Six Songs of the Underground Railroad” compiled by Rebecca Faye Squire
  • “Follow The Drinking Gourd”
  • “I’m So Glad To Be Here”
  • “It Makes A Difference”
  • “The Dream of Martin Luther King”
  • “Amazing Grace”
  • “Free At Last”
  • “Sakura”
  • “Wild Bird”
  • “Water Wheel”
  • “Kira Kira Bo Shi”
  • “The Orchestra Song”
  • “All I Really Need” (written by Raffi & performed here by The Amidons)
  • “We Are Truly Thankful”
  • “You Are My Sunshine” (by Jimmie Davis & Charles Mitchell, sung here by Christina Perri)
  • “A – You’re Adorable” (by Sid Lippman, Buddy Kaye & Fred Wise and sung here by Mrs. Propp)
  • “Make New Friends” (the Hip-Hop Version)
  • “Sing About Martin” (by Miss Jackie Weissman)
  • “Singing In The Rain” (by Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown)
  • “Puff The Magic Dragon” (by Peter Yarrow & Lenny Lipton)
  • “This Land Is Your Land” (by Woody Guthrie)
  • “Count On Me” (by Bruno Mars)
  • “Everybody” (by Ingrid Michaelson)
  • Hand Games from many different cultures, including the “Yankee Doodle Hand Game” from Japan, “Down Down Baby”, “Double, Double”, “Miss Mary Mack”, “Slide”
  • “Downtown” by Petula Clark
  • “Country Life”
  • “The Westport Song: In Wonderful Westport”