How Did I Get Here?*

* “Once In A Lifetime” (Talking Heads)

Read “The Road Taken” for the Colgate Scene, Spring 2018

No one really cares about what I did in High School, but my parents enjoy this kind of thing and I enjoy pleasing my parents, so….

  • Staples High School (Class of 1981)
    • Orphenians, A Capella Choir, Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Staples Players, Cheerleader
  • Colgate University, BA (Class of 1985)
    • Swinging ‘Gates – female a capella
  • Alta Lodge, Alta, Utah (1985-1986)
    • front desk, played guitar/sang in the Sitzmark club
  • GRP Records (1986-1990)
    • Director of Production and International Distribution
  • Columbia University Business School, MBA (1990-1992)
  • Alta Lodge, Alta, Utah (1992-1993)
    • Reservations
  • Columbia House Company (1993-1995)
    • New Business Development (Spring Street Records)
  • Mark Spector Company (Music Manager of Joan Baez, James McMurtry & .38 Special) (1995-1997)
    • Tour Marketing
  • Alternate Route To Certification, CT State Department of Education (1998)
  • Elementary Music Teacher (1998-present)
    • K-5
    • Chorus
  • Sacred Heart University Administration/092 Coursework