Song of the Day: August 14

August 14: She’ll catch some blackbird’s wing… “Gulf Coast Highway” sung by Nanci Griffith with Mac McAnally; written by Nanci Griffith, James Hooker and Danny FlowersLYRICS & CHORDS SONG HISTORY  SPOTIFY  When I was 22, I played guitar and sang at the Sitzmark at the Alta Lodge (Dennis Flynn would give me free drinks, which was a good bargain for him because I’d yet to discover that I like scotch).  One night, a man told me that I sounded like Nanci Griffith and I should listen to her songs. Even though I don’t sound anything like Nanci Griffith that night was the very beginning of a lifetime not-so-little love affair with her voice, her music and her performances.   I am forever grateful to that guy who introduced me to Nanci Griffith, whoever you are.  Rest in peace, Nanci, and enjoy the flight. xo

One thought on “Song of the Day: August 14”

  1. Nanci Griffith was an amazing artist. I fell in love with her voice many years ago when she opened for Iris Dement . Will never forget.
    Thank you for posting this song and thank you for this site. I actually found it from a YouTube video of “It’s a hard life” by Nanci that you posted. Blessings

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